The Julia Richman Complex

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The six schools involved in the Julia Richman Complex are:

Urban Academy
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Urban Academy Laboratory High School features a rigorous academic, college-oriented curriculum that encourages students to explore and discuss ideas, conduct research, and debate and evaluate information. Seminar-style classes, field trips, participation in community service and the opportunity to take classes from selected institutions of higher education are central to the school's program.

Work is assessed by demonstration of college level skills in social science research, literary analysis, application of mathematical skills, creative arts, application of the scientific method, and art criticism. The school is a New American High School and a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

Manhattan International School
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Manhattan International School is a close-knit learning community where new learners of English develop the linguistic, cognitive and cultural skills necessary for informed and creative participation in our diverse society. The school's classes facilitate the development of English language proficiency and the acquisition of academic skills needed for advanced study in college or the world of work. The school values hard and dedicated work, collaboration, respect, persistence, academic rigor and honesty.

Manhattan International is organized into clusters that are thematic and interdisciplinary; instructional teams include four teachers and approximately 75 students each. The school belongs to the New York Performance Standards Consortium.

The Ella Baker School
The Ella Baker School, named for one the central figures of the Civil Rights Movement, is a pre-K to 8th grade elementary school with classes that are developmentally, socially, and ethnically diverse. Multi-aged classrooms provide a variety of opportunities for learning.

Organized into a lower school and upper school, the school combines high academic standards with active learning and provides multiple opportunities for students to learn how to use materials, organize tasks, manage time, and complete projects. They become well-rounded thinkers and doers. Parent participation is an integral aspect of the school's program.

Vanguard High School
Vanguard High School focuses on helping students become intellectually powerful, creative, and resourceful members of society. Its goal is to ensure that students develop skills for lifelong learning.

The school emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to learning through such themes as law and the environment. Vanguard is a community of learners committed to becoming literate, articulate, analytic, reflective, responsible, empathetic, and collaborative. The school is a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools and uses performance-based assessment to measure student achievement.

Talent Unlimited High School
Talent Unlimited High School is a performing arts high school emphasizing choral musical theater. Combining the performing arts with a strong academic program, the school uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Admission to Talent Unlimited is based on an audition in one of the school's majors. The school's mission is to challenge students to reach their potential both as learners and performing artists. Two to four periods a day are spent in arts-related courses such as dance history, stage production, vocal technique, music theory, sight seeing and audition technique. TU students perform for many NYC sponsored events and present two major concerts each year at the Complex.

P226M Junior High Annex
P226M Junior High Annex is a special education that is dedicated to teaching children with autism - children who are emotionally and developmentally challenged and language impaired.

P226M has six sites in school buildings across the city, with the Julia Richman Education Complex program serving adolescent youngsters between the ages of 12 and 15. The program has, along with one of the high schools in the Complex, pioneered an inclusion program that allows students to experience new academic and social challenges within a supportive environment.